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Supervisors: Dr. Guido Sand, Dr. Iiro Harjunkoski

Recruited ESRs: ESR-I: Matteo Biondi, ESR-K: Hubert Hadera, ESR-N: Robin Cartoux


Hosting for secondment: ESR-D: Cristobal Ruiz Carcel, ESR-L: Dragoljub Gajic

Cooperation: TK-AST, Statoil, Imperial, CMU, ABB-NO, Cranfield University

Leading: WP5: Electricity optimization

Contributing: WP3: Maintenance and diagnosis, WP4: Energy optimization


The ABB Corporate Research Centre in Germany supports ABB operations in product and system development as well as in services and consultation with basic research, new technologies and innovative solutions.


ABB CRC Germany focuses on:

  • Industrial software technologies

  • Manufacturing automation

  • Vertical integration engineering

  • Asset optimization

  • Service technologies

  • Sensors and microsystems


As part of the ABB Global Lab Automation, CRC's scientists cooperate with their colleagues in the other corporate research centres and ABB operating units in international teams. The research group involved in the ITN Energy-SmartOps project is "Process and Production Optimization" headed by Dr. Guido Sand and supported by Senior Principal Scientist Dr. Iiro Harkjunkoski. The main focus of the group is on the development of solution for plant productivity, energy and material efficient production, emission reduction and optimized operation and maintenance in the process industries.


Within WP3: Maintenance and diagnosis ABB is cooperating with Statoil for the development of an optimization system for maintenance planning in process industries. The aim of the project is to increase energy efficiency through reduction of unnecessary plant shut down while preserving system safety and reliability.


Within WP4: Energy optimization the research centre is supporting TK-AST and ESR-L on development and implementation of large scale production planning and scheduling solutions in steel industry. The challenging work includes the most energy-intensive section of a stainless steel production, Melt Shop, as well as Hot Rolling Mill section where steel slabs are rolled into thin coils. Through this project efficient use of resources and increased productivity are potential benefits for a steel plant.


Within WP5: Electricity optimization ABB Germany is cooperating with TK-AST on large scale energy savings in steel industry. The goal of the joint project is to bring together intelligent production planning and efficient use of electricity resources enabling steel making plant to take part in the future electricity markets. Reduced cost and increased productivity are the potential benefits for the end customer.


ABB Corporate Research Centre, Germany

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