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Links to some useful resources about energy savings and their measures


EC Energy Roadmap 2050
The EU is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 80-95% below 1990 levels by 2050 in the context of necessary reductions by developed countries as a group. In the Energy Roadmap 2050 the Commission explores the challenges posed by delivering the EU's decarbonisation objective while at the same time ensuring security of energy supply and competitiveness. The Energy Roadmap 2050 is the basis for developing a long-term European framework together with all stakeholders.


Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation
Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation helps your organization cut costs, improve energy efficiency and reduce industrial greenhouse gases.


Energy Star for Industry
Energy management is the first step to minimize energy impacts and build sustainability. Hundreds of manufacturing companies routinely use EPA’s ENERGY STAR resources to help them manage energy across their operations. Whether you have been managing energy for years or are just getting started, trust ENERGY STAR to lead you in the right direction, help you reduce your risk, and show you how to save energy and money!


Asia Energy Efficiency and Conservation Collaboration Center
Asia Energy Efficiency and Conservation Collaboration Center aims for promotion of energy efficiency and conservation in Asian countries through international cooperation. It makes its best efforts to provide one-stop window service for a variety of inquiries about energy efficiency and conservation related issues.


Virtual Library on Process Systems Engineering
Virtual Library on Process Systems Engineering is a free educational resource offering a lot of materials on optimization, process and supply chain operations, process dynamics and control, process modelling and optimization for energy and sustainability.


Enterprise-Wide Optimization Collaborative Project
The goal of the project is to provide a comprehensive set of computational capabilities for addressing the integrated planning, scheduling, real-time optimization and inventory control of process systems.


College of Energy Efficiency 

The College of Energy Efficiency is a free, online, educational resource, offering more than 100 vendor-neutral courses on energy efficiency topics to help you identify, implement, and monitor efficiency improvements within your organization.


V-tex tech project 

Partners from Spain, the UK, Slovenia and the Netherlands have developed a new technique to rapidly cool drinks (cans and bottles of all shapes and sizes, from a 150ml can to a wine bottle) from ambient temperature to 5 degrees Celsius in a few seconds with 80% less energy in comparison with regular coolers.


Window Electricity Socket

Still in development process, "windows sockets concept"offers us the possibility to directly charge small devices from the sun avoiding the use of conventional energy sources, working as a battery once fully charged.


Modular Power Plant

The company ECAT presents a modular power plant of 1 MW made up of small modules based on cold fusion process (Nickel and Hydrogen merge to produce Copper) which allows production of energy without CO2 emission.



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