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Overall aim


The overall scientific and technical aim of the ENERGY-SMARTOPS project is to take a pivotal role  in  demonstrations  of  creative  ideas  for  energy  savings  in  large  scale  industrial  sites  making  the  best possible  use  of  measurements  from  all  plant  subsystems:  process,  utilities,  mechanical  equipment  and electrical equipment. The project integrates in-depth understanding of the operational issues with analysis of measurements and first-principles physical knowledge to invent and develop tools that will be deployed in the field in case studies with the transmission operator partners. Three specific research objectives are: 


  • To develop scalable and complete equipment monitoring systems 

  • To devise new algorithms for overall performance monitoring and control

  • To study ways that energy savings can be achieved 





The  research  objectives  will  be  delivered  in  projects  to  be  undertaken  by  13  ESRs.  Each  ESR contract  is  36  months  and  the  nominal  start  date  is  month  4.  Therefore  technical  work  will  nominally  be complete by month 40. The supervisors will ensure the work is fully disseminated by month 48. The reason for nominal is because there is always uncertainty in the hiring process.


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