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Supervisors: Prof. David Mba, Dr. Yi Cao

Recruited ESRs: ESR-D: Cristobal Ruiz Carcel


Hosting for secondment: ESR-I: Matteo Biondi,

Cooperation: ABB-DE

Contributing: WP3: Maintenance and diagnosis


About us


Cranfield’s mission to transform knowledge into ingenious solutions in science, technology and management places it at the forefront of some of the world’s most practical, cutting-edge projects. From unique cabin evacuation research to finding life on Mars, from a frost blanket for race courses to zero-emission cars, and from the next generation of anti-landmine devices to a new blood glucose monitor, Cranfield’s focus is squarely on the application of its research. Cranfield has a global reputation for inspirational teaching and research, industrial-scale facilities and superior links with industry and commerce.

And as a wholly postgraduate institution, Cranfield is the first choice for ambitious and skilled individuals wishing to enrol on Masters’, Doctorate and professional development programs. The School of Engineering is dedicated to carrying out focused fundamental research and applying it to meet the needs of society and industry. The School runs a wide range of Masters, Doctoral and professional development courses and carries out extensive technology development and consultancy for its customer base. The research and teaching functions are closely linked to industry as well as the public and defense sectors across the UK, Europe and internationally. Cranfield operates with passion in different areas of expertise - aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, environment, healthcare, management, manufacturing and security – which make it uniquely placed for both students and corporate partners alike.

Within WP3: Maintenance and diagnosis, Cranfield University is working in the development and assessment of improved multivariate algorithms for predictive condition monitoring applied to large scale industrial sites. The goal of the project is to increase plant availability reducing unnecessary plant shut downs and improve energetic efficiency by operating the system according to the actual status of the equipment.


Department of Power and Propulsion


The department has established an international reputation for its advanced postgraduate education, extensive research activity and applied continuing professional development. It is strengthened by close links developed with the international propulsion, power, oil, gas and process industries. As a result, the department has seen many of its graduates go on to senior positions in the international gas turbine industry. The Department comprises 3 groups:

  • The Gas Turbine Engineering and Technology Group carries out industrially applied research for many customers. It incorporates the Rolls-Royce UTC in Performance Engineering. Some of its many areas of interest are Life Cycle Costs, Simulation, Diagnostics, Selection of Equipment, and Power, Energy and the Environment.

  • The Turbomachinery & Icing Group has a large portfolio of sponsored work generated by research, design and development in turbomachinery for power oil, gas and aerospace applications. This research is supported by major laboratory and testing facilities. Research in icing is carried out in icing tunnel facilities which are unique in the University sector.

  • Power and Propulsion Sciences Group conducts High Performance Computing for Simulation to Modeling, Design Optimization & Virtual Test Beds.​


Department of Offshore, Process & Energy Engineering


The Offshore, Process & Energy Engineering Department is a world leading centre for Offshore and Process Engineering concerning Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy applications. The department’s expertise ranges from process systems engineering, multiphase flow and bio-fuels through to structural integrity, marine hydrodynamics and renewable energy machinery. The Department boasts unique Industrial-scale facilities for Process Systems and Renewable Energy application ranging from Multiphase Fluid Flows, Materials & Structural Integrity through to a 50Kw Wind Turbine Test bed, Energy Storage Facilities and Power Electronics and Machines Laboratory. These facilities support popular PhD and MSc programs which are also characterized by close links to industry.


University of Cranfield, UK

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