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Matteo Cicciotti

ESR-E: "Model-based condition monitoring of industrial operated centrifugal compressors"



Institution: BASF

Supervisor: Dr. Ala Bouaswaig



Matteo gained a master degree in Chemical Engineering (Cum Laude), from the Politecnico di Milano, Italy on the 4th of October 2011. With a thesis entitled “Model Based Safety and Operability Verification” co-supervised by Prof. H. Preisig (from the Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet) and Prof. G. Buzzi-Ferraris and Prof. F. Manenti (from the Politecnico di Milano).

Matteo is a PhD candidate at Imperial College London, under the supervision of Prof.  Ricardo F. Martinez-Botas and the co-supervision of Prof. Nina F. Thornhill. The title of the PhD thesis is : " Model-based performance monitoring of industry operated centrifugal compressors". 



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2010 - present

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