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Dionysios P. Xenos

ESR-G: "Optimization of compressor stations"




Institution: Imperial College London

Supervisor: Prof. Nina Thornhill



Before the Energy SmartOps Project:


Bachelor and M.Eng in Mechanical Engineering from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA):Mechanical engineering fundamentals. Energy Thermal Engineering specialisation Thesis title: “ Implementation of a dynamic thermal model into an existing detailed simulation of solid oxide fuel cell”, Research that describes the operation of the solid oxide fuel cells in detail with the latest considerations (Laboratory of Steam Boilers and Thermal Plants, NTUA).


During the project:


MSc courses (Optimisation I and II and others) in Process Systems Engineering in Imperial College.Process simulation and design short course in Cranfield University.Specifications and performance of mechanical & Electrical Rotating Equipment short course in Cranfield Univesrity.Optimization modeling and integrated process operations course in Carnegie Mellon University.Control and operation of centrifugal gas compressors from ESD training.Transferable skills such as technical writing, effective communication and others in Imperial College.

Current activities

I am currently on the second year of my PhD studies in the Chemical Engineering Department Imperial College. My main focus is on the integration of different layers of control in a process. Methodologies and algorithms from this integration will be used to optimise a complex process in the industrial site of BASF, Germany.


Matlab, gProms, GAMS, C++, HYSYS

Blog entries

2010 - present

2010 - present

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