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David Dorantes Romero

ESR-H: "Visualization of plant dependencies"




Institution: ABB OGP Technology and Innovation

Supervisor: Tone-Grete Graven



David holds a double M.Sc. degree (2011) in Mechatronics and Micro-Mechatronic Systems from Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (Germany) and University of Oviedo (Spain). Previously, he graduated as Mechanical Engineer with the highest honors from Morelia Institute of Technology (Mexico) with specialization in Automation and Manufacturing.

Work experience

  • Instrumentation Engineer (Intern) at the Research Centre of Engineering and Applied Sciences in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

  • Research Assistant at the Centre for Materials and Structural Integrity at University of Oviedo, Spain.

  • Information visualization

  • Plant-wide analysis

  • Human factors

  • Process connectivity

Blog entries

2010 - present

2010 - present

David joined ABB Technology and Innovation in Oslo, Norway in January 2012. He is also a part-time PhD student in the Process Automation Group at Imperial College London under the supervision of Prof. Nina Thornhill.

Current activities
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