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Dragoljub II Gajic

ESR-L: "Energy Savings by Integrated Production"




Institution: Acciai Speciali Terni S.p.A.

Supervisor: Dr. Luca Onofri



Dragoljub received M.Sc. degree in both Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (2007) from the University of Belgrade, Serbia and specialized in Supply Chain Optimization (2010) at the University of Pannonia, Hungary. Now he is doing a double PhD in Electrical and Information Engineering at the University of L'Aquila, Italy and the University of Belgrade. Dragoljub has also been visiting and taking several courses at a few other universities in Europe and US, i.e. Lund Institute of Technology in Sweden, BI Norwegian School of Management in Norway, Technical University of Denmark in Copenhagen, Carnegie Mellon University in US and Imperial College London in UK.

Work experience

Dragoljub has several years of international and multidisciplinary both education and experience working on projects in various industries and helping enterprises to bridge the gap between business and technology and become more efficient, agile, innovative, and better able to deal with increasing volatility in production, energy, and raw material availability/requests/pricing. For more info please check Dragoljub's LinkedIn profile.


Energy Management, Efficiency and Trading, Plant Operations Management, Production Integration, Value Chain Management, Enterprise-Wide Optimization and Control, Business Planning and Optimization


Blog entries



2010 - present

2010 - present

Within the Energy-SmartOps project Dragoljub is dealing with energy savings and production integration at Acciai Speciali Terni S.p.A. in Italy under supervision of Dr. Luca Onofri. 

Current activities
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