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Robin Cartoux

ESR-N: "Production scheduling optimization of a steel plant"



Institution: ABB Corporate Research Germany

Supervisor: Dr. Guido Sand


Robin received a Master of Science degree from Supelec (French graduate engineering school) with a specialization in Control Engineering, and another M.Sc. in Control and Signal Processing from Paris South University. He also studied electrical, telecommunication and control engineering during one semester at Politecnico di Milano.

Work experience

Robin realized his master thesis and final internship in collaboration with the CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission). He focused on the development of a learning algorithm to teach trajectories to a force assistance robotic arm.He also had a software development experience as an intern in CODRA, an industrial IT company.


Control systems design

Mathematical optimization

Production scheduling

Blog entries

2010 - present

2010 - present

Currently, Robin is part of the Process & Production Optimization group in the ABB Corporate Research Center Germany. His research topic is the production scheduling optimization of a steel plant.

Current activities
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